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                  Artist Bio

Artist Grail Hall

Grail Hall’s love for art started at a young age. Throughout his years in grade school Grail took every art class that became available. He won numerous awards and even won an art contest that he entered through a television guide advertisement but was unable to receive the prize due to being too young. 

After graduating high school, Grail put aside his artwork while serving his country in the United States Army. His passion for art remained and in recent years started back pursuing his love for painting and drawing. He always enjoys learning new techniques and experimenting with different mediums, however, currently his favorite is working with oil paint. He loves watching the painting come to life as he adds each layer to the previous. 

While some of Grail’s paintings may take several months to complete, he strives to always earn the respect of the collector and enjoys seeing their expression when the piece is complete. To this day, Grail continues traveling with his art across the country and has had opportunities to display his artwork on several television appearances; and had his artwork picked up by a licensing and publishing agency. While he is always trying to outdo his last piece, he takes honor in knowing that his artwork is hanging in multiple private homes, businesses, and art galleries. 

Grail along with his wife, Miriam, reside in Georgia with several Siberian Huskies. They have two grown daughters and four grandchildren. Grail keeps his faith in God and gives thanks for giving him this talent; and ask God to continually bless his ability to perfect his skill. 

God is the true artist; Grail chooses to be His student to create lasting pieces of art that will bring beauty to our lives.

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