Artist Bio

Artist Grail Hall

    Grails talent in art was noticed at an early age by his mother.  He was around the age of four, drawing a picture from a coloring page he colored in Sunday school that morning. She said she looked down and she could tell he was drawing a farm animal.  When he began school, he excelled in art and won numerous awards throughout his school years.

    Grail graduated from Monroe Area High School in Monroe, Georgia with honors. He graduated from Gwinnett Technical College with a drafting degree and later enlisted into the military, where he trained in the field of military police.   After working several years as designing blueprints, he began to feel restless in his career.  Grail went back to school to learn to drive a semi, after learning to drive a semi he built a successful trucking company and was the largest private owned trucking company in the southeast.  With the recession in the 2000’s he closed the business.  At this point, in his life he was married with two teenage daughters.  With jobs being scarce, he fell back on training he learned in the military and went into law enforcement for a means of supporting his family.  

    It was during this time that he picked art back up.  He enjoyed the stress relief that art brought after working in his current career.  He began working in graphite.  He saw, he liked the black and white looks he could create.  As he would work on pieces he would search the internet for tutorials on you-tube to teach him different techniques.  As he would work on his pieces he would look at different types of art on the internet and would make list of what he would like to accomplish next.  He tried his hand in working with ink and pastels.  All along he would look at the richness in the colors of oil paintings and would inwardly dream of creating these masterpieces himself.  Before he embarked on this journey to learn to paint in oil he enlisted the help of a local artist, whom did pieces he admired and asked if she would teach him in art.  He began his lessons with her and he expressed his desire to be able to paint these pieces that looked so real that when you gazed at them you could picture yourself there.  He wanted to be able to paint a face that would look as clear as a photo.  He fell in love with working in oil, the ease in which changes could be made.  He loves to watch as he adds each layer how the painting will come to life.  Being true to his nature, he looked for a challenge in the pieces he would create.  She would tease him that all his pieces of art were rather large.  She would ask how detailed he would want to get with his pieces and he would say” I want my painting to look as clear as a photo.” 

   To this day, he has won several 1st place ribbons at local fairs and is still trying to outdo his last piece. He takes honor in knowing that his paintings are hanging in private homes, art galleries, and businesses. He keeps his faith in God and gives thanks for his talent and ask that God would continually bless his ability to reach the next level in perfecting his skill.

   As long as the world is here that God has created, there will always be a new challenge to capture in a piece of art.  God, is the true artist, he chooses to be his student to create lasting pieces of art that will bring beauty to our lives.