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Evening Walk

Evening Walk

  • year my wife and I go to Cades Cove in Tennessee hoping to see a mama bear walking with her cubs.

In the painting, you see where the mama bear is taking her two young cubs on an evening walk to let them explore what’s out in nature. There’s no doubt that mama bear is telling her two young ones what to watch out for that can harm them and teaching them the skills they need to survive in life.

I’m sure on this evening walk, it will not be all about how to survive in this world. The mama bear will find some time to stop and let the little one’s play. It may be visiting someone’s backyard sunset, taking a break in someone’s hammock after being tired from walking or splashing around in a swimming pool.

As a child grows up, it clings to their mother because they feel safe. The mother’s love for that child is like nothing else and should never be underestimated. Mama bears are known to be very protective of their cubs, but also known on their evening walks showing up in your backyard.

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