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Twas The Night

Twas The Night

In this painting, I wanted to capture the jolly ol' soul in the big red suit traveling down the chimney.


I can remember growing up as a child, always wanting to see the big guy in the red suit at the stores.  Standing on the side of the street watching the parade and waiting to see Santa at the end.


Come Christmas Eve, I couldn't wait to go to bed so Santa would come. I always tried to imagine how he came in the house with all the toys I received each year.


When my children were young and even today with with grandchildren, I think Santa Claus captures the hearts of little boys and girls in a magical moment.  Their curosity of how Santa comes into their home.  For many children the celebration this time of the year would not be possible without the tales of Santa traveling down the chimney with a bag full of toys across the world.


So, even being an adult today, its still fun to continue to share the words  with the children about this fascinating man traveling from town to town with his reindeer delivering presents.

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